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Halloween Weekend, 2009

Busy weekend! Walked with sanguinity on Friday, worked on the comic, gave blood, visited with snottygrrl, picked up movies at the library, went grocery shopping, found my penguin costume, made a penguin beak for said costume, had dinner with drarwenchicken, BILJ and Hz, and spent a bunch of time on Sunday just recovering from Saturday and the Time Change. Still a bunch of things I didn't get done, but it felt like a very full weekend.

The weirdest thing happened at Costco yesterday. I accidentally went there just after noon on Everybody Shop At Costco Day (I didn't get the memo, apparently. If I had known, I wouldn't have gone. I'm a Rebel that way). So there's a gazillion people shuffling up and down the aisles at a pace that is commonly referred to as "glacial" (I bet zombies would love Costco, because almost nobody there can move fast enough to escape from a zombie. Plus, they can get great savings buying items in bulk). But that's not the weird bit. As I'm heading for the cashiers, I'm stuck behind an old couple who pass an aisle, stop, and have a conversation about whether or not they need to go down that aisle. They eventually decide that they do, and awkwardly turn their cart around in the dense flow of carts, and head off to the side. Then the weird thing happened: The man looked right at me and apologized for being in my way. I was knocked speechless, and by the time I could have thanked him for the courtesy, they were gone, swallowed up like bovines in the roiling herd. It put me in such a good mood, I didn't flip anybody off for the rest of my time there.

Saturday night, I went to two parties. The first was at the home of Electric Cow & CuteGirl, which was fun. I got to visit with people I know and enjoy the tasty party food. I even drank a little Egg Nog (I needed a straw, as it's hard to drink from a glass when one has a beak; this is why you rarely see birds holding drinking glasses). The second event was the annual Halloween Bash at Paul Guinan's and Anina Bennett's house. It reminded me that I'm not good at socializing with people I don't know. A bunch of the people I could identify as local artists and cartoonists, but while I've met a number of them, I can't say I'm really a part of that social circle. They clustered in the living room, the clique of Cool Kids (my interpretation, quite possibly not how they'd assess it). So I hung around the periphery and chatted with a few people. I was reminded that the two reasons to go to large parties are to 1) Drink, and 2) hook up with strangers. I wasn't going to do the first, and it would be a few hours before other people drank enough for me to successfully accomplish the second, and I didn't feel like waiting. So I was there for less than an hour, but at least I went. Fortunately, I wore my Penguin Costume, so while someone might say "Hey, where did the penguin go?", the odds are that nobody recognized me, so they won't be saying "Wow, Evan sure didn't stay very long."

Remember, Tuesday is the 3rd, so it's time for 3 On the 3rd! As always, I hope that something interesting will happen to me so I can make comics about it. And maybe, just maybe, I'll actually POST the comics I create. Wouldn't that be something!?!

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