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Notes from the Constant Battle Against the Forces of Evil…

I'm vexed with my car. First, it's been smelling hot (no, not in an arousing sort of way, but in a "something plastic is overheating" kind of way). The fluids are fine, it might be a hose or belt, but I don't know enough about what to look for to diagnose much. I'm going to try to take it to a mechanic on Monday. I haven't found one in the area yet. Not looking forward to that.

Second, the front tires have been slowly leaking air. I've got a small air compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter, so I can top them off as needed, but that quickly grew tiresome. The bad news is that the cheap wheels (a legacy from the previous owner) are corroding, and can't form a good seal. The fix is to replace the wheels when I get new tires. However, these tires are fairly new, so I'm supposed to put air in every couple days for the next 40,000 miles? That leaks and sucks at the same time!
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