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Cake Contest 2009


Today was the Cake Contest! You've probably already been reading the buzz on the Internet about this year's theme: Uncake. Once again, a great deal of creativity came into interpretation. Here's the description of entries (click on the ones marked with an asterisk to see a larger image):

This year's entries:
Top Row, from left to right:
1. Lemon Raspberry & Strawberry Cake
2. Mysterious Specimens* Filled with red gelatin, one has Maraschino Cherries, the other has a poached egg.
3. Pasture Uncake* With genuine plastic Farm Animals.
4. Archeology of a Cake* Contents of a cake: Sugar, Eggs, Flour, Butter.
5. Rocky Road Pizza (store-bought, and therefore not considered for competition)
6. Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
7. Pear Tarts
8. Pink Pie – Meat, with mashed potato icing (colored with beet juice). Winner: Best Theme
9. Rice Krispy Cake
10. Cheesecake with toppings
11. Invisible Cake – clear gelatin Winner: Most Creative
12. Chocolate Mousse Loaf Winner: Best Tasting
13. Blackberry Crumble
14. Angel Food Pie
15. Giant Fruit Tart (not pictured) Winner: Best Looking Arrived late, and I forgot to get a photo.

Since I'm still recovering, I didn't eat anything (tempting as many of the entries were, but I probably will sleep a lot better tonight without the sugar overload). thrihyrne went with me as my Designated Eater, and she did a grand job of sampling things. It was also good to see BA, TJ, Dr. M and Dude M, and admire the new Chicken Coop (yes, they have Urban Chickens).

Aside from the Not Eating Cake thing, it was a good time.

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