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Weekend, Over Already

A very social weekend! Started with Dude Night on Friday. I spent Saturday morning on chores, in preparation for oh_that_jocelyn's visit (but had a walk to the coffee shop with drarwenchicken and Hz in there, too). Then around noon I drove up to Washougal (I know!) to pick Oh_That_Jocelyn up at a friend's house. There was a party going on up there, so we socialized a bit, then drove off to Blue Lake Park to catch the end of my company's Summer Party. It was indeed the very end; only the company owner and her husband were left. We chatted a bit (they're friends of mine, so it wasn't in that awkward way that one makes small talk with Company Executives who are only seen by the Employees at Special Events), and Oh_That_Jocelyn and I took a walk through the park. We then headed back home for Internet and a nap, then off to dinner, and back home again in time for a game of cards with drarwenchicken.

Sunday saw another walk to the coffee shop, tasty breakfast at "Hash," then back home so Oh_That_Jocelyn could pack up her things. We met up with A and C, who were giving Oh_That_Jocelyn a ride to her mom's house in Coos Bay. I was then left to assemble Monday's comic, visit with Mr. Television, and have an enjoyable phone chat with thrihyrne. A very full weekend, that went by all too quickly.
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