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Mucked Up: My Weekend So Far

I thought I was just tired and wanted a day off. I hadn't been able to finish Friday's comic, despite having time to work on it last Wednesday and Thursday. I managed to finish it on Friday morning (thank goodness for having my hours reduced!), and tried to script Monday's comic. After flailing for a while, I took a lunch break. Aside from a few chores, I never really got back to working. About all I had strength for was watching the last third of Season #1 of "Heroes." (Which is mostly good, and perhaps I'll talk about another time.)

Anyway, after struggling with the same diminished energy/focus on Saturday, I was thinking "Wow, my head is all swimmy and I can't concentrate; this is like a Candidas flare-up..................... My god, I AM AN IDIOT!"

I immediately drove to the store and got some yeast killers*. I regularly take supplements to discourage Candidas, but when one starts eating more and more yeast-friendly treats, the yeast wins (fresh berries, gluten-free cookies and soy "ice cream" are better for me than other treats, but they still have plenty of yeast-feeding sugars).

* There are several brands out there. I bought Yeast Defense because it seems to work pretty well for me, and Fred Meyer carries it. Plus, it was on sale!

The worst part is that I had to be deep into it before I realized what was going on. It's not as if this is new to me. As I pointed out on Twitter, a flare-up makes me stupid, so when I'm listless, apathetic, unfocused, fatigued and easily distracted, I believe I'm merely tired, and need some rest. And maybe a tasty treat to cheer myself up. Such is the Evil of the yeast...

The Blood Donation Did Not Go As Planned. Went in early Saturday for Double Red-Cell donation (instead of drawing one unit of whole blood, they take out a pint, separate out the red cells, put the plasma back in the donor, then repeat). I thought everything was going well, and even when the phlebotomist had to adjust the needle's position going in, I barely felt it. Which was fine, until Phase Two of the process, when the plasma was supposed to go back into me. Technically, it did, but it wasn't so much as all going into the vein. Some of the plasma was leaking into the tissue around the site, causing the area to swell (including a marble-sized bump right where the needle went in). Turns out that adjusting the needle can allow this to happen. While this was not dangerous, it hurt.

So we stopped. They could use what they'd drawn as a regular blood draw, and get benefit from it. And I wasn't into toughing it out (I know I come across as a tough, rugged Arizonan, but I'm not fond of pain).

I'll probably try the Double Red Cell donation again. Right now, I only have a 50% success rate with it, compared to a 100% success rate with whole-blood donation (which is quicker, but happens twice as often). I'll need a larger sample size to see if I want to continue with the Doubles.

So, Anyway. Now I should be working on my comic. Not going through 178 posts on Google Reader (Whoops. I guess I just did that.) Or struggling with a third section of this post and then editing it out (Um... Did that too. It may become a post of its own, later). Or I guess, even posting all this right now. (I was talking with someone about how it feels to be under the influence of Candidas, and he said it sounded like his ADD. I don't know how much the two experiences overlap, but it seems like there's some similarity. So if I'm going to have a comic for tomorrow, I need to stop what I'm doing here, and work on that.)

On the other hand, I had a really good walk with sanguinity. So the weekend has not merely been disappointing.

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