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Since Friday....

Just a quick update, so I don't get too far behind.

Saturday was devoted to social engagements, mostly Baby Hz's First Birthday Party! The plan was to hold it in Sellwood Park, but the clouds and drop in temperature prompted a last-minute decision to hold it here. While drarwenchicken took Hz into the bedroom to feed her, the rest of us (me, Stonecarrier, BILJ and his parents) swarmed on the house like swarming things, and by the time drarwenchicken returned, the living room and kitchen had been tidied up. Then the guests started arriving, and the party happened. There were a dozen or so grown-ups, but it was the six kids between the ages of one and seven that boosted the activity level the most. I took a couple Quiet Time breaks during the festivities, but was there for the Blowing Out of the Candle and Hz eating her cake (messy, but adorable).

Green by Jay LakeAfter that, I drove to NE for jaylake's Jay Con, a combination Book Release and Birthday celebration at Flying Pie Pizza. My timing was good; I arrived as Jay was between groups of people, so I had a few minutes of his time to congratulate him, wish him a happy birthday, and then be introduce to his sister (who is the person responsible for getting him to read my webcomic). After a brief chat with her, I eyed the food table (lots of pizza, which I shouldn't be eating), poured myself a glass of water which I drank while looking to see if I knew anybody else there. The answer was no, so I left.

On Sunday, I took Stonecarrier to the airport mid-morning, then assembled Monday's comic. And that was about what I had energy for that day. I'd hoped to finish up with the Boxes of Stuff to Go Away, and setting up my Gift Shop to sell the comic book, and laundry, and fighting back the Rising Tide of Clutter, but those would have to wait until Monday.

Of course, on Monday I was at BHFT for an extra half hour (to make up for the time I'll take this Thursday for a dental appointment), then had to go grocery shopping, so by the time I got home, made dinner and worked on the comic for an hour, it was the end of my Productive Time. So I went to bed with all those things still undone.

I know it's a recurring theme with me, but that's where I'm at right now. I'd like to spend time each day exercising, keeping up on the chores, assembling the comic, AND advancing all of the projects that I've got started. At least today I managed to post something to LJ, so I've got that going for me. Now, off to a day at BHFT!

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