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The Best I Could Come Up With

I have dreams where I'm running, and motion gets harder and harder, until I'm crawling with all my force, and barely moving...

Went to work for three hours. The cold symptoms are diminishing, but it felt as if I hadn't slept at all last night. I took care of some things, but attempts at serious analysis work were too hard for my brain. Came home and slept for a couple hours. Since then, I've washed dishes, written tomorrow's comic and assembled it.

I'm considering clearing out my storage unit this weekend, clearing out the shed, making a huge trip to Goodwill. (Yes, I suspect for as much as I've spent on the storage unit, I could have thrown away everything instead of storing it, and later, repurchased everything. Twice.) It seems a good time to rid myself of Things I Don't Need. So maybe if you want to hang out with me this weekend, you can get a lot of free stuff.

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