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Too Much To Do...

When one is feeling overwhelmed by all the Things That Want To Be Done This Three-Day Weekend, what better way to start than with a LiveJournal Post? That's what I thought, too.

What doesn't help is waking up with a scratchy throat and thick feeling in my head. I so totally do NOT want a cold right now (thanks for sharing, you bastards at BHFT who came to work sick this week (haven't you people heard of the Swine Flu? You're supposed to STAY HOME!)) If it gets worse, I'll have to curtail my activities, but I'm hoping I can shake it by force of will and elderberry lozenges.

Wondering what I consider a Lot of Things To Do? Here's my tentative list of things (some fun, some project, some chores):

Finish scripting comics for Wednesday and Friday
Assemble Comics for Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Practice at Driving Range
Walk with sanguinity
3 on the 3rd Comic assembly with bookherd, grrlpupand sanguinity (Missed the gathering, did comics)
Visit with snottygrrl
Bank – order new checks
Oil change
Wash car
Grocery shopping
Dude Golf
Update Query letter
Contact Oregon Lawyers For the Arts
Work on comic book scripts
Work on podcasts

(ETA: Crossing off as I go)

I'm sure I'll think of more, like "Post things to LJ" and "Waste time on the Internet". If I'm really on the ball, I'll post an end-of-weekend summary of what I accomplished, and perhaps list all the things I had for breakfast, too.
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