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Monday Through Thursday

This has been an interesting week, if "interesting" means "a headlong rush from one event to another." The hours between waking up and getting home from BHFT have been the same as before, although the push to complete the next project checkpoint has kept me really busy. The major change to my routine comes in when I get home, around 4:00 pm. Instead of secluding myself for evening of webcomicry, I've been taking a two-hour shift of watching Baby Hz to give Grandma G a break, which she mostly spends on cleaning chores and preparing dinner. When drarwenchicken arrives home, she takes over Hz-watching, and I assist with dinner prep. After we eat, I help clean up, which takes us to 7:30 or 8:00. I could work on the webcomic then, but I try to keep my time after 8:00 o'clock as Unstructured Time (which generally means visiting with Mr. Television for an hour or so). Then it's time to go to sleep and repeat it all the next day.

It's not a bad schedule, and I've enjoyed a lot more Weekday Social Time than I have all year. But I've gotten almost nothing done on the webcomic since last weekend. It's been fun playing with Baby Hz, but it's a lot of work to keep track of her. My shift carries into her Fussy Time, which starts sometime late in the late afternoon. On Wednesday evening, drarwenchicken didn't get home until 6:30, and Hz WANTED MILK, and nothing else would do. We'd used up the supply, and didn't want to open a unit of goat milk, since drarwenchicken would be home any minute, but somehow, Hz didn't care about our explanation. She fussed and fretted and cried, and was barely placated by a sippy cup of water. Fortunately, drarwenchicken arrived, and saved us all.

This evening was better, but I still didn't get much done on my comic. Fortunately, I've got the day off tomorrow.

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