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Monday: Work and Home Time

When I dwell on the implacable press of Time constantly pushing us into the Future, it's usually on weekends and holidays. Then I lament how the time spent away from work is relentlessly swept away by the measured pace of seconds. But today I was dwelling on the flip side of that; a day at Big Happy Fun Time is always one day. Just as the seconds tick by while I'm having vacation, they tick by while I'm at work. So even when things are busy (and sometimes stressful), each work day comes to an end, and then it's time to go home.

When I arrived home today, I gave Grandma G a break, and played with Baby Hz for over an hour. This went pretty well, but Hz was a bit tired and restless. She'd want to be picked up, then almost immediately she'd be squirming to get back down. And she likes chewing the corners of her books. But not the teething ring. What's up with that?

Someday I'll explain to her about how Time keeps slipping into the Future. I can only hope that she'll listen to that more attentively than she does when I explain that she shouldn't chew on books.

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