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Fifteen Minutes of Stuff I'm Thinking About

Since posting to LJ seems to be at the lower end of the Priority Scale lately, I decided that I'll try to devote fifteen minutes each day to writing a Journal Entry. That's either reviving the old, stale posts from Long Past, dusting them off, editing out the swear words and posting them out here, or cranking out something new. I'll probably not do much editing, because I know I can spend fifteen minutes on two sentences if I'm not careful, but at least I'll have something to post.

When I ran this idea past sanguinity during our mid-day walk, she seemed to think that was a damn fine idea. So there you are.

So, I woke up at 5:00 and finally came up with today's comic (as previously noted, I do not care to wait until the Last Minute like that). Fortunately, I had today off from BHFT, so I spent a while assembling the comic while having breakfast (banana waffles and chicken hot dogs). I poked about the Stumptown Comics Fest 2009 Flickr Pool. Then I had some lunch, and an Unexpected Nap (which would have been better if I was awake enough to realize that I was about to fall asleep, and could have removed my contacts first). Sanguinity kindly woke me up with a phone call, which resulted in the aforementioned walk.

One topic of discussion, which has been on my mind of late, is the Future of the Eldritch Empire. I'm considering restarting the Newsletter in 2010, if I can prepare enough material to mix in new columns with the existing ones. There may be two versions: The Free Version would be just the column, and the Premium Version would provide the Advice Column, Tip of the Week, Horoscope of Mystery, and Bonus Features, like Artwork and short stories. The question is whether I can get enough paying subscribers for it (I could do pretty well with five subscribers, if I charged $10,000, for example, but I'll probably price it more like $19.95). Anyway, more on this later, as I see how well my accumulation of new material grows over the year.

On the way home, I washed the Evanmobile; the first time I've done that. Then I had tacos and slept some more. I must have been really tired.

So it was a pretty good day.

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