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Dude Golf = Awesome

Way back at March's Dude Night, we scheduled Dude Golf for today, hoping for good weather. I must say, Portland really came through for us. Despite some fog on the drive to Edgefield, and a bit of a cool breeze, it was a fabulous, beautiful, awesome morning to play golf (for the first time since last Fall).

<Golf Talk> On the 8th hole, I made a 35' putt from the fringe on a downhill slope, for a birdie! It would definitely be on our Highlight Reel, if we actually videotaped our play. But I shot an 83 on twenty holes, which is pretty good for the season's first game. </Golf Talk>

Post-Dude-Golf, I went walking with thrihyrne on Mt. Tabor. Also fabulous. After such a stretch of rainy weather, we hadn't been walking for ages. It was good to see her and catch up.

Here's a photo I took, of a pole with a sticker of a ghost wearing sneakers. We were amused:

Ghost On A Post
Click to enlarge.

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