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25 Things Meme

I attempted to come up with twenty-five scintillating insights that would give you a deep, meaningful understanding of who I really am, but that turned out to be hard. So I've resorted to revealing random quirks that you might not otherwise observe. I've tried to avoid the uncomfortably personal and the Bleeding Obvious (e.g. "I like tacos." Because seriously, who doesn't like tacos? That would be as silly as pointing out that I'm bipedal, because most people who meet me can tell that right away). Some of these revelations have been mentioned in other memes in LiveJournal, but you may not have seen them.

25 Things About Me:
1. Right before I return videotapes and DVDs to the library drop box, I check to ensure that the correct tape or disc is in the case, even if I already verified it at home. Twice.
2. About 90% of the time when I mean to type "from," I actually type "form." Or it at least feels like that.
3. I have an Arizona accent, except I pronounce the word "aunt" to rhyme with "gaunt," rather than "ant."
4. I've never received a traffic ticket of any kind; not for parking, speeding, driving on the sidewalk or any other ticket-worthy behavior. That has far more to do with caution than luck.
5. My biggest organizational flaw is not resolving to-do items by either dealing with them right away or filing them properly. I end up with big piles with mixed "things to deal with" and "things to throw away" that have to be resorted. Sometimes these piles get stored in boxes for years before they're dealt with.
6. My second-biggest organizational obstacle is keeping stuff because "it might be useful someday."
7. I'm actually really good at keeping secrets, but it's hard to advertise that quality, because not talking about knowing a secret is a significant part of keeping secrets.
8. I own over 100 action figures, but they're strictly for the webcomic. I don't play with them. As far as you know.
9. Even though I've prepared my webcomic's html files for uploading over five hundred times, I still work from my checklist to make sure I change all the fields correctly.
10. I personally feel that the proper response to "Thank you" is "You're welcome," but I don't correct people when they say something like "Sure" or "No problem."
11. My two big health complaints are allergies and sleep issues. Life would be pretty good if I didn't have allergies and always got regular, restful sleep. (Of course, then two other things would be my big health complaints. Probably back problems and food sensitivities.)
12. I've never smoked anything, not even those vile clove cigarettes. This started back when I was playing clarinet, but continued because I had more interest in being a person who had never smoked than in the potential effects of the various smokable substances.
13. I've conditioned myself to never close my car door unless I'm holding my car keys in my right hand. This is sometimes awkward, but it's kept me from ever locking my keys in the car.
14. I consistently carry a basic set of items in my pockets the same way; pen, pocketknife, and mirror on the left, wallet, keys and comb on the right.
15. At home, my wallet and car keys are either in my pocket, or placed on the same location on my desk. This saves me from setting them down in random places, and ending up searching my apartment for them.
16. I'm an ordained minister, and have performed a wedding ceremony.
17. I'm a licensed scuba diver, but haven't gone diving since that time things went bad and I had to be carried out of the water.
18. Three of the five cars I've purchased were bought new.
19. I've lost track of the number of times I've stopped drinking coffee. I guess it would be one less than the number of times that I've started drinking coffee.
20. I've had the same food for breakfast almost every day for the last couple decades: wheat-free banana waffles and chicken hot dogs.
21. Unlike 93.7% of people my age or younger, I have no piercings or tattoos at all.
22. The reason for #21 is both because I didn't have an unhappy childhood, and if I did, I still wouldn't want to announce to everyone that I had.
23. When I'm out in public and people are being annoying, I remind myself that over 99.9% of them are slogging through empty, meaningless lives of desperate misery, so instead of annoyance, I feel pity. Usually.
24. I'm right-handed, but I wear my watch on my right wrist. The watch-on-left-wrist practice is done to make winding the watch easier, but how many people wear a watch that needs to be wound? I could wear my watch on the left, but see Item #25.
25. I am a Rebel Who Plays By His Own Rules And No One Can Tame Me (It happens that my rules are frequently the same as everybody else's rules, but that's totally coincidental).
26. I am incapable of executing a exactly meme as written.

Reason #26 also explains why I'm not tagging anyone to do this meme. If you want to, feel free. But I'm not going to ask you to do it. That's just how I am. See Item #25.
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