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So, right after lunch on Monday, I was sitting at my desk feeling horrid. I'd felt a bit off for a while, but I figured it was merely too much rich food at Dude M's Superbowl party the day before combined with inadequate sleep. But I'd rapidly sunk to the level of "focused more on how many minutes are left until the end of the work day than actual work," and wasn't sure if I'd make it. Then my stomach started feeling queasy, and I knew I had to honor a bargain.

See, I have a deal with my body. It doesn't make me experience the unpleasantness of throwing up in public, but in exchange, when I get the first signals that such an event could be impending, I go home. No waffling, no wait-and-see. And in the past twenty-five years, there have been very few "I went home and nothing happened" stories, and mostly "Within minutes of walking in the door, I was kneeling before the Porcelain God."

And that is what happened. Unpleasantly so. Okay, not that upchucking is ever fun, but this was... awful. And not just once. Several times I visited the commode. Each time, I howled out unearthly, involuntary noises, as if mammoth forces of gods and giants battled within me to decide the fate of my teriyaki chicken. There were no winners. Eventually, I retreated to my bed to ride out the rest of the storm.

A familiar panoply of symptoms followed. Fever. Chills. Even with all blankets wrapped around me, I still shivered so hard that my muscles ached for days. Then the abrupt reversal; hot, sweating, shoving the blankets off the bed. I tried to sleep through it as best I could.

It's hard to say if I was dreaming that I sought a comfortable position, or I was merely half-awake, shifting from one side to another, hoping that comfort was to be found by merely rolling over, but I had that same dream again and again. Monday night was an eternity. Tuesday was hardly better. Gradually the worst subsided, and I was able to get real sleep.

The good news on Tuesday is that the symptom that I thought meant renal failure, was merely caused by dehydration. Some electrolyte solution provided by drarwenchicken and BILJ (and frankly, remembering to drink fluids) rectified that. It boosted my spirits, even if I didn't feel physically much different.

So, come Wednesday morning, the comic wasn't ready to post. Fortunately I had it mostly written and drawn by Monday lunch, so it didn't require creative energy (I can't imagine coming up with humorous material in the state I was in on Tuesday. I suspect any attempts would make my "Two Dogs Wearing Neckties" look like Zucker Brothers material in comparison). My big accomplishment on Wednesday was inking the comic and posting it by the end of the day.

Which brings us to Thursday morning. I always think I should get back to work as soon as I feel up for it. When I'm lying in bed with my eyes closed and I'm thinking "I don't feel too bad," that's not really an indicator that I'm up for the exertion of a work day. I've been at the computer almost two hours this morning, and am feeling the need to lie down again. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be up for a half a day of work. I don't want to push it, and spend the whole weekend recovering from my overly-optimistic and self-imposed recovery schedule.

So that's what I've been up to. I hope your life has been better.
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