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Blood and Death and Wedding Dresses

LoneFir Cemetery LoneFir Cemetery

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On the way to donate blood, I asked myself (as I'm sure most of you have done in this situation): "Will I regret not stopping at the cemetery to take pictures in the fog first?" Even though I had a scheduled appointment, I figured the Red Cross people are so grateful that people even show up that they wouldn't be too mad if I was late, and I'd really kick myself if the fog burned off before I was done.

So I went. I know, you're thinking "What!?! You wandered around in a foggy cemetery by yourself?" And that's a good question, but yes. Yes, I did. The good news, is I got these results: Fog Monster Attacks: 0. Photographs of cemetery in fog: 25.

When I arrived at the blood donation center, the waiting area was filled. I briefly considered bailing, and rescheduling next week. But as they were checking me in, the people at the front desk asked if I have ever considered doing a double-red-cell donation. Which I have, but I thought they only did that on weekdays. They assured me that 1) they certainly did do them on weekends, and 2) because everyone else was there for whole-blood donation, I'd be processed right away.

So I double-donated. It's a more complex process and takes longer. An apheresis machine draws the blood, separates the red blood cells and plasma, then returns the plasma and some saline to the donor. Then it repeats the cycle. So instead of filling a pint bag in seven minutes (I'm pretty good at that part), the draw part took 45 minutes. But I get credit for two donations, and if I keep doing this, will only donate four times a year.

Once I got home and had my tasty gluten-free cookies (cookies are a necessary part of giving blood. They only have wheat-based cookies available, or Trail Mix. And when you've earned cookies, Trail Mix just doesn't cut it), I turned my attention to buying a 1:6th scale wedding dress.

I was surprised to learn that nobody makes wedding dresses for Barbie dolls.

Hahahahahaha! Did your brain lock up on that thought? Don't worry; I'm just kidding. Of course you can get wedding dresses for Barbies! I mean, my god. The great thing is that auctions for Barbie Wedding Dresses are the equivalent of MAX on eBay; if you miss one, just wait ten minutes for the next. And because there are so many out there, they're inexpensive. I may buy three or four, just so I can pick the best.

Astute readers may be thinking "Hey, is the webcomic going to have a wedding?" Not to give out spoilers, but there just may be! But right now, I need to figure out what's going to be in the comic this week, as I didn't get nearly enough done on the comic today. Hmmm, maybe a wedding in a foggy cemetery, with Fog Monsters...
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