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Stop The Presses!

I'd left the final prep work for Monday's comic until late Sunday, because I wasn't happy with the punchline. I showed drarwenchicken the comics for Monday and Wednesday, and she said she liked Wednesday's. So I knew I had to re-write it.

I suppose it's good practice to sit down and try to write a funny comic. That's usually not how it works. The punchlines generally come to me at odd times: At BHFT, or while driving, or in the shower, etc. Sure, there's keyboard time to type it in and edit it, but I don't think of the jokes flowing while I'm sitting at the computer.

The worst times are when I'm tired, or have a headache, and I sit down to write a Humorous Comic because I'm scheduled to post it the next morning. That's... that's... I don't want to think about it.

Anyway. I came up with something. When you read Monday's comic, know that it could have been worse.
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