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The drawback to having a battery UPS for my computer is that it beeps when the power goes out. I may have to break this feature. I really don't need it. I can't imagine a scenario where I need to be told this information. It will either be obvious when the lights go out, or it's night and I'm asleep. I don't want to be woken up merely to be informed that the power's off. (Actually, the refrigerator should have a built-in analog clock, so one can tell how long it's been off (or a black-box recorder that tells when the unit lost power, and how warm the interior of the fridge got and for how long. Now, that's useful information)). I mention this because of the 4:00 a.m. outage and subsequent beeping. You can imagine how I was Not Grateful.

Spent the day working on the image for tomorrow's prizes. I've only got three to give away, so if I have four or more fans attending, I'll have to have a drawing. But I'll have other stuff there, too. Stopped at the store to buy ice cream, and walked out with two bags of groceries, neither of which contained ice cream. *facepalm*

Went for a walk with thrihyrne! We'd planned on seeing each other more frequently this vacation, but that didn't work out, what with being snowed in and all. Still, today there was snow (Yes, MORE snow!) on Mt. Tabor from last night, and we managed to time our walk between hailstorms. (Bloody Weather!)

Tomorrow is the 3rd, which means 3OnThe3rd! It will be a Saturday, with a Fan Appreciation Event in it, so I should have something to do comics about.

Now to work on the stack of movies that have to go back to the library....

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