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I checked online to be sure that the library would be open before I walked over there. The Internet told me that it was, so I geared up and headed out. Walking was much easier today. Where I'd been trailblazing on Sunday was now a worn track, and the snow was soft. Still, it took a while to get there, so you can imagine my disappointment when the sign on the door announced that the library was CLOSED. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. What the hell, Internet!?! You LIED to me!!

To cheer myself up, I wrote "Beware The Sledders" in the snow. There's a photo of it on Flickr (but it's really hard to read, because snow is not a good writing medium, and it's all white-on-white). I also took a photo of a car in a two-hour zone, but I'm pretty sure that it had been there for longer than two hours. I don't know. It amused me.

Once home, I decided to clear some snow from the cars. The air temperature must have been above freezing, as the layer of ice on drarwenchicken's windshield was willing to slide off with just a bit of encouragement. I took a picture of the strata in the snow on the top of the New Evanmobile (one can see the ¼" layer of ice from the freezing rain).

I started shoveling a path along the driveway, and the Annoying Neighbor Whom We Do Not Like walked over and offered to run his snow blower (who in Portland has a SNOW BLOWER?) along the stretch, which helped. Maybe he's not as awful as we thought.

By the time I finished clearing the front porch, steps, walkway, and cars, I was tuckered. Now my room is decorated with the Damp Clothes Drying look.

The forecasts say we'll get another 1-3" tomorrow, but I'm really hoping we don't. If the temperatures stay up, we just might start having less snow around. And I'm ready for that.
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