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Monday Morning. More Snow.

My manager from BHFT called last night to say that the office was closed on Monday. I appreciated the call, even though I already had the next two weeks off. If I didn't want to drive in the snow last week, there's no way I'm making it out of the neighborhood today. I have no idea how long it will be before the roads are clear enough to drive...

There's a foot of snow accumulated in the front yard. I stuck a yardstick in the snow so I can keep track from the porch.

I'm not sure which THUMP! it was, but when I went out this morning, there was a pine tree down. I knocked as much snow off the firs as best I could, but it's still freakin' snowing. I'm a bit concerned about snow dams on the eaves, but I can't reach them from the ground, and I'm certainly not climbing on the roof when it's covered with snow and I'm by myself.

More 'Arctic Blast' pictures on Flickr. Instead of Going on Expeditions today, I'll try to make progress on the webcomic, projects and writing. Have a good one, everybody!
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