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Wherein I Go For A Walk

Deciding that I needed photographs of the snow that weren't just from my front porch, I went for a walk. Under such conditions, this was a Project. First, I had to get the Cold-Weather Gear Dufflebag from the back of the closet. This, in itself, was a Project. For my closet is not a simple 3'x5', it's the space under the stair, and the dufflebag was nearly at the far reaches. Plus, some lazy slug* had been stuffing paper grocery bags filled with deposit bottles into the closet, with the intention of returning them "soon." The good news is that I think if I live cheaply and pace the cashing-in of the bottles, I'll have enough to retire.

Once the gear bag was obtained, I had many choices. I went with silks, lined jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt, chamois shirt, scarf, parka liner, parka, stocking cap, wrap-around hat, wrist covers, gloves (mismatched, so I could use the shooting glove while operating the camera), and galoshes. I might have been happier with the wool pants, but my legs got enough of a workout to stay warm. My face was a little chilly for a bit while walking into the wind, but I was otherwise quite comfortable with this ensemble.

grrlpup asked for photos of Elk Rock, so I went south. While taking those pictures, the Bald Eagle couple flew back to their nest! I got several shots of them, with the zoom as far as it would go. I considered getting my good camera, which could have gotten some serious close-ups, but that was a Project (do I even have 35mm film any more?). I watched them for a while, but once they settled into the tree, all they did was sit. So I left.

I headed north, to Kellogg Creek Park and downtown Milwaukie. The park was empty, but there were a surprising number of people driving around (with varying degrees of traction). The one person I passed on foot was taking pictures of the snow, so I asked if she'd mind taking a photo of me (seen below). I had some good timing with my pictures; got a team of snowplows heading toward me, and a shot of geese flying by in a wispy line along the horizon. I'm pretty happy with the photos I took.

All in all, conditions weren't too bad. Sure, there was a constant drizzle of freezing rain, but it was very light. The air was cold, but not much below freezing, and no wind to speak of. The experience reminded me a lot of my time in Anchorage (and Milwaukie in snow could convincingly play a small town in Alaska).

And I got a good work-out. Most of my walk was done with the high-kneed step that punches through the ice crust. It's not fast, but it's good exercise. I paced myself so I didn't get overheated, nor out of breath. I was out over an hour, and was definitely tired by the time I neared home. I remembered to stay alert, though, as fatigue could make me unwary, and easy prey for a bear.

When I got home, I had some of the Kung Pao Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables that I'd prepared after I got home from the two trips to the airport on Friday**. I'm glad that I did that, as it will keep my diet from being too repetitious between now and when the roads are traversable again.

Not a productive day, but a pretty good one, nonetheless.

* Me.

** It's an easy recipe: Combine 1 order of Kung Pao Chicken, 1 order of Teriyaki Chicken, and 1 order of Chicken with Vegetables and some rice in a large bowl. Spoon out servings as needed. Eat.

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