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Snow Day

After dithering for a while, I declared today a Personal Snow Day, and stayed home from BHFT. I probably could have made it without much trouble, but my policy has been that when it's snowy in Portland, don't drive around other people who may not know how to drive in snow. Seeing the TV news footage of the overturned tanker truck on 205 made me feel better about that decision.

If I was going to stay home, I wanted to feel the day was productively spent. That took some false starts, but I decided on computer maintenance. I downloaded and installed software updates, and scanned for malware (I found just two registry entries from Trojan Horse programs, which was as far as they got before being cleaned up by defensive software, but I'm happy to have all traces removed). I sorted through the stack of stuff on my desk (I have a bad habit of piling things together, instead of sorting them into the proper categories the first time I handle them). That led to clearing out my organizer, and getting it ready to put back into use (hey, I found my passport!).

Then I wrote for a while, and that felt really good.

I got a phone call from thrihyrne this evening. I was glad to talk to her, even though our cell phones never seem to hold very good transmission quality. Hard to communicate, but much better than no phone call at all.

Now, it's suddenly time to go to bed. I'm pretty sure I'll go to work tomorrow, but I doubt I'll be anywhere near as productive. Goodnight, all...
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