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Saturday the 15th was an Awesome Day. It started with the Prop 8 Protest and Farmer's Market in the Park Blocks, which looked like this:

Prop 8 Protest
Click to enlarge.

Yes, that's three photos stitched together. Yay, Photoshop!

Unfortunately, the audio was woefully underpowered, so those of us on the outside edge could hear that someone was speaking, but really couldn't tell what they were saying. Fortunately, thrihyrne and I saw sanguinity and grrlpup, so we talked for a while with them, and admired the interesting protesters and their signs (including a purple tuba).

Next stop was the Central Library, which was new to Thrihyrne. She looked about while I reserved the Meeting Room for the upcoming Fan Appreciation Event (Jan 3rd, 2009). Once done, I ran into E___, who I had worked with at PTI, many years back. Apparently going out in public increases the chances of seeing people one knows. Go figure.

From the library, Thrihyrne kindly drove us out Hwy 26, while I took photos through the rear window of her car. For the webcomic, of course. If you're reading the comic, you're seeing those photos now.

After a late-ish lunch and a nap, it was time to get ready to go out for the evening. Dinner was at Morton's. Now, I rarely eat red meat, but I figured that if one was at a steakhouse, the thing to order would be steak. So I ordered the smallest filet mignon. Oh. My. God. It was the most amazing beef I have ever eaten! I don't think the experience will cause me to eat steak more often, but when I do, merely ordinary steaks just won't seem worth it...

Our final event was the opera Fidelio. Thrihyrne has been working at the Portland Opera, and had comp tickets, so even though I'm not much of an Opera Fan, I was pleased to go. Not only did we see grrlpup, sanguinity and leboyfriend, but I thought it a pretty good show. If you're not familiar, "Fidelio" is Beethoven's only opera, and is highly unusual because nobody dies. There's even a happy ending! (Admittedly, I seem to be the only one in the group who was significantly pleased by that, but that's how I am.)

A rather full day, huh? But you can see why it was a Awesome.

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