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Fatigue and Dentistry

Slept really poorly last night, then up for a 7:30 dentist appointment. Oh, what fun! Fortunately, I spend most of the time with J the hygienist, and we get along quite well with my (she asks how JQP is doing, tells stories about her family and commiserates about the weather), as the actual exam part takes maybe two minutes. I haven't had any new cavities for years. However, I had read about thallium being suspected as a cause of Restless Leg Syndrome, particularly trace amounts leaked by amalgam dental fillings. So I asked about replacing the fillings I have with porcelain or other non-metallic agents. The good news is that the process would be fairly easy; I've only got eight tiny fillings (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, etc.), and they would do particularly well for replacement. The down side is that it would cost $1,200 or so. I didn't quite feel good about committing to that right now, so I just scheduled the next cleaning six months down the road. Of course, if replacing my fillings DOES eliminate the restless legs, it would be money well spent.

Oh, and snottygrrl wrote the fanfic drabble I requested, check it out here!
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