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It Was AWESOME, Thanks!

As many of you know, last Friday I picked up thrihyrne after she finished work and drove to the coast for a Romantic Beach Weekend. It was so fabulous, that I am at a loss for superlatives. After only seeing each other in short stints, it was wonderful to spend two solid days together. We did the things a couple should do during a blustery weekend by the shore: Talked for hours, walked on the beach (not very long each time, due to high winds and rain, but we did make three forays out), wrote, enjoyed the jacuzzi tub, ate chocolate pudding, stayed up late, slept in. The Stormy Weather Art Festival was going on, but we barely noticed. I was so twitterpated, that I forgot to write my traditional warning about Wheelers in the sand. We'll have to go back some time, so I can rectify that....

Want to see photos?

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