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Dear LJ Friends,

So much going on this week! Nano! Elections! Webcomic! Thrihyrne! 3onthe3rd!

I can tell that the Things In My Life Which Will Suffer This Month* are:
1) LJ posts.
2) Twitter posts.
3) Visiting with Mr. Television (thank goodness for Mr. VCR!)
4) Email, LJ comments, snail mail, phone calls, social time with friends.
5) All my other Ask Dr. Eldritch projects: Podcasts, comic books and the book of columns.

So, the short version is that I'm doing well. I'm making progress on Nano, spending delightful time with thrihyrne, keeping up with the webcomic, and (I believe) still getting enough down time to rest and recharge. If I can make it through November with all those statements still being true, then I'll be managing very well indeed.

* Time-Management Experts say that busy people tend to successfully add additional tasks because they're already intentionally scheduling their time. However, developing (for example) a super-optimal way of tying one's shoes will, at best, only gain a few seconds of extra time in a day. No, the thing to do is look at the large segments of activity. Four days each week, I spend about 75% of my waking hours preparing for, driving to, driving from, and being at work. Obviously, I can make the best gains in Available Free Time by eliminating that time suck from my life. (I know, I've talked about this before, and the sticking point is still the Work/Money relationship. Not that I care about money per se, but I really like the things that it can buy; like food, shelter and Internet access.) Still, I am optimistic. If anything changes on that front, I'll be sure to let you know!

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