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From Wednesday: It's A Nice Day

Frankly, it's a beautiful Northwest Autumn day. I pause longer to look out the windows and admire it when I walk a loop around the ninth floor. All the mountains are out on the horizon, even those which usually fade into the haze. I generally don't buy into the mindset of "Sunny = Good Weather. Not Sunny = Bad Weather." After all, one should not live in Portland and believe that rain is bad weather. But it's Fall, and after a day so foggy that we couldn't see past the parking lot, to have clear, blue skies, warm air with just a slight breeze, and a view of the hills, with trees turned yellow, orange and red; it's hard not to be especially grateful for the sunshine. So I soak in the view from the window, like a gourmand savoring the last bites of a delicious meal. Perhaps these days aren't more beautiful merely because we have so many gray, cloudy days, but I don't think we'd appreciate them as much if the weather was always sunny and warm. And I'd hate to ever be blasé about a day as nice as today.

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