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I Like The Part About Meeeeeeeeeeeme!

A while back, thrihyrne posted a meme with these instructions:
Leave a comment, and I'll give you a letter.
Post to your journal ten things you really like, that begin with that letter.

So I did! Here are Ten Things I Like That Start With The Letter F:

Obviously, just as pageant contestants must hope for World Peace, any such list must contain my first two items:
1. Family – Believe me, I know how fortunate I am to get along so well with my family members. My family is great.
2. Friends – Not to get all maudlin, but I have wonderful friends, for whom I rarely express adequately the scope of my affection and appreciation, but I am deeply, deeply grateful. You know who you are, right?
3. Fun – I've always wondered why people would put the phrase "I like having fun" in their online dating site profiles, not just because it seems unlikely that someone would NOT like having fun, but it's so non-specific (I've always wanted to spread the rumor that it's actually code for some outrageous sexual practice (and let hilarity ensue), but it might actually BE code for something, but since I'm not into it, I have no idea). But seriously, I do like fun. I feel that my sense of play is a large part of who I am, and it is instrumental in being a humor writer.
4. Fiction – The world would be so dull if we didn't have fiction! The wonderful thing about telling stories is that we can be guaranteed of adventure, excitement, hair-raising danger, and yet always have a happy ending. Certainly Real Life has its benefits, but there's nothing like being absorbed in a compelling bit of fiction for a while.
5. Fish! – Not so much for the eating, or the having in an aquarium (although those things are fine), but for their key role in Surrealism. They're strange looking! They breathe in water! They lack limbs and have scales! They do weird things! And they're the punchline to the joke "How many Surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
6. Faceplants – As practiced by Kato, specifically. She'd tuck her paws under her and sleep with her head face-down on a couch, ottoman or bed. Hard to imagine that it was comfortable, but it was endearing to see.
7. Flan – Mmmm, yummy custard! I've had Flan so good it would make you cry. Unfortunately, due to my dairy and sugar sensitivities, I don't eat it much any more.
8. Flapjacks – Just another word for PANCAKES! Who doesn't love PANCAKES!?! I know, like Flan, I really can't eat them (unless they're gluten-free, and they're still just not the same without a generous serving of maple syrup).
9. Federal Corrupt Practices Act - Who doesn't love this?
10. Fingers - These underappreciated digits are so important for our manipulation of the world around us. I encourage you all to take some time to consider all the tasks that your fingers accomplish in a day, and how difficult those activities would be without fingers (unless we had something even better, like a cluster of mini-tentacles. With bio-lasers).
11. The Princess Bride - It's an awesome movie.
12. Factoids - I've always enjoyed knowing interesting bits of trivia, like how the world's friendliest creature is the Mauritius Kissing Wasp (which is actually made up, so it's a Fictoid (which I also like), and I was being facetious, which I obviously relish, because I do it so often).
13. Feature Films - I'm a big fan of movies. There was a time that I'd see five or six movies in a weekend. I don't have time to watch a lot of movies any more, but I'm still fond of them.
14. Fireworks – OMG – how could make a list like this and almost forget FIREWORKS! I love fireworks. The biggest flaw with fireworks is that they always schedule displays at night.

There's more, like Fairy Armadillos and feathers and fruit and fighting robots, but I suspect most of you got bored by this point and stopped reading. I vacillated between listing some of my favorite sexy activities that start with 'F', partly because it might be overshadowed by my friends going "omigod, Evan said the F-Word!" (it's not that I NEVER use it (but most of you haven't ever heard me do so), it's that I usually limit myself to four times per year, and I've already used it three times in 2008 and there's an election coming up). I did consider just saying "Some of my favorite sexy activities," but there are a few F-based behaviors which I do NOT find appealing, and I really didn't want to make people think I was into those (although now that I've said this, you'll probably wonder, so I'm just going to bail on this topic now).

If you want to follow my example and ask for a letter, post a request in a comment!
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