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During this morning's commute, I watched a huge flock of Canadian Clowns heading south on their 1,500-mile autumnal trek to their winter feeding grounds in Mexico.

Well, actually I didn't, but I have been frightfully busy with Work, Creative Projects and Life In General. I'm two days into my 4-10s schedule, and I can already say that the period between leaving work and leaving home the following morning seems drastically shorter. I suspect that I'll adjust, and once I get into the rhythm, it won't seem so bad. There are a number of things I can do to facilitate this, such as preparing lunches in advance, but the biggest shift will be getting back ahead of the Escalator, and having a week's worth of comics ready to post. The less I have to do on weeknights, the more pleasant this schedule will be. In retrospect, I would have done well to build up that buffer before this past weekend, but that's all water into the bridge now. Somehow I need to send out this week's Newsletter and assemble Friday's comic during the next two evenings.

Since you're wondering; I'm enjoying my new car very, very much. I'm particularly pleased that Mr. Bobblehead Moose sits comfortably on the dashboard, where he can nod his head approvingly as we drive. And it's so nice to have everything work; I turned on the rear defroster this morning, which efficiently cleared the foggy back window. It's been years (three?) since I could do that.

There should be more, but I'm tired, and need to get ready for bed.

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