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So, Who's Driving This Boat?

I checked the weather forecast for last weekend on a nationally-known website (rhymes with "Zycos"*), and noticed that the predicted temperature for Portland on Saturday was 90°, described as "Pleasantly Warm", and Sunday was 94°, tagged as "Awfully Hot." WTO? First of all, if we're not talking about the water in a swimming pool, temperatures in the nineties are not pleasantly anything. It's Hot. Not Warm. HOT.

Second, since when does a four-degree shift go from Pleasant to Awful? I can't ever remember saying to someone "This heat is awful! If it were just four degrees cooler, that would so pleasant!" I don't like to complain**, but I'd like to see a little more logic in the Zycos Weather generalizations. I know this isn't a crucial issue in an Election Year, but I just had to say something***.

*Oops! Originally I had put "Bahoo!", but I realized that was incorrect. If I'm going to be critical, I prefer to be accurate.
**Well, I do, but I try to contain myself.
***Okay, I didn't have to, but see previous footnote.**
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