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A Pretty Good Weekend

Pre-Weekend: thrihyrne and I went downtown for First Thursday. I'd been meaning to go to the Sequential Art Gallery for ages, so the Universe's Irony function kicked in, and this was a month when they were closed on First Thursday. And when we headed home, my car wouldn't start. A few minutes of retrying the ignition on the off chance that this time it would go, which became calling AAA for a tow truck. Faced with waiting forty minutes, I opened the hood and tried one of the two repair techniques I know; jiggling the wires (I couldn't try the other because I didn't have a hammer). Thrillingly, jiggling was indeed the solution, the car started and I called off the tow truck. Lest I give you wrong impression, our trip was time well spent. We ambled about downtown on a beautiful September evening, saw some art (adjectives that could apply are odd, beautiful, huge, compelling, and conveyor-belt-oriented), and enjoyed each other's company. Our car adventures ended well, and on the drive back to her house, I told her about the license plate game. Good times...

The rest of the weekend was consumed. A trip to Costco with leboyfriend. Installing a shim between my car's battery cable clamp and terminal post, to keep it from repeating its bad behavior. Dropping off a suit to be cleaned for next weekends Super-Sekkrit Project. A whole bunch of scripting of webcomics. I'd been struggling with Monday's comic for AGES, and finally it came together in a way that I'm satisfied with. As a bonus, I figured out a smoother transition into the following arc that yielded a couple extra comics. Laundry. Dishes. And naturally, Sam Gregory's birthday party.

While showering this morning, I decided to bring the weekly Newsletter to an end. The final edition will be October 28th. This was not an easy decision. It's been five years (the first Ask Dr. Eldritch Newsletter went out October 5, 2003), but it's never had circulation over 200 people. I'll spend the time assembling the first volume of collected columns, aiming to have it out for the holidays. If that sells well, I'll use that as leverage with a publisher for Volume 2, sometime in 2009. I plan on including columns that have been started but never published in the Newsletter, and may have enough for Volume 3 (or perhaps a mega-volume).

So that's what I've got. Now, to bed, because it's back to BHFT tomorrow...
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