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My People Call It "The Tuesday That Feels Like Monday"

Despite my best efforts to stop Time itself and exist in some sort of chronographical Twilight Realm, a minute of the holiday weekend marched past every sixty seconds, leading to the inevitable morning wherein I returned to BHFT.

Now, all I can do is look back at what transpired:

Saturday was devoted to Dude Golf, a pretty-good game made even better by awesome weather. Instead of heading home directly after lunch, we sat outdoors and enjoyed the leisure of an unscheduled afternoon at the beginning of a holiday weekend.

The relaxed luxury of Saturday was not quite completely reversed on Sunday. I woke up groggy, with bonus headache. My Rose Garden plans were postponed for another day, so I investigated car-buying options. Did you know that Costco has fixed-price arrangements with certain car dealers? With it, it seems I can get a new 2008 Honda Fit for about as much as a used one (I know, that goes against Common Wisdom, but I'll cheerfully exploit the paradox). It took a while to determine that there wouldn't be one in stock until later in the week. I tried to fill the afternoon with webcomicry, but ended up sleeping for a couple hours.

Felt tired but better on Monday. Accomplished some much-needed dishwashing, scripted and assembled Comic #453, and prepped the Advice Column/Newsletter (html, email, and RSS versions). Words can barely express how much I'm enjoying being ahead on my updates. If forced to articulate, I'd say: A Lot. The risk is that the reduced tension will cause me to slip back to the bottom of the Escalator. The last three years have demonstrated that I can average three comics per week. I really should be able to do that with a surplus built up, rather than always working on the upcoming update.

Anyway, I spent a while hanging out with drarwenchicken, BILJ and Baby Hz, who is becoming even more adorable. She's smiling even more, and occasionally giggles (seriously, baby laughter could be used as currency).

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