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FanFic Meme

I don't write much fanfic. I barely have enough attention span to make progress with my own projects, let alone devote writing time to the characters of others. Yet there is precedent; notably a unfinished ST:NG fanfic episode which would have garnered a vigorous "R" rating for doing some characters a favor and allowing them to consummate some unrequited relationships (While I'm not shocked by reading lurid slash material, I'm not so good at writing it; my forays into erotica are really tame by almost anyone's standards). But when snottygrrl put up a meme for short fanfic ideas, I was too amused to pass it up. Part of the deal is that I must in turn open myself for fanfic requests. Here's the meme, if you want to play:

Leave a comment with a ficlet/drabble request, pairing or character-based. Give me a title and one line of dialogue to be written in a drabble (100 words exactly) or ficlet (up to 500 words) - which it will be depends on my muse! After you comment, put this meme in your own journal.

Here are the realms of fanfic that inspire me:
Discworld / Terry Pratchett
Harry Potter / J. K. Rowling
Retief of the CDC / Keith Laumer
Stainless Steel Rat / Harry Harrison
Hitchhiker's Guide / Douglas Adams
MYTH Adventures / Robert Asprin
Phule's Company / Robert Asprin

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