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Cake Contest!

Yes, once again it's time to report on the awesome Cake Contest! This year's Theme was "Going Green." I arrived just after the Presentation of the Cake Entries started, so I missed descriptions on the first half of the cakes. But here's a composite of the cake table, which will take you to the Flickr photoset, where you can see larger images.
Cake Contest 2008
Click to See Flickr Photoset.

I didn't take notes, but the winners (as I remember them) are the Triangle Flower cake for Best Looking, Worm/Apple Cake for Best Tasting (although I preferred the Lemon Cake), All Natural Cake for Best Theme, and Dr. M's Green Eggs and Ham Cake for Most Creative.

I had fun, but not wanting the repercussions of wheat and sugar consumption, only had about three bites of cake this year. Still, I got to talk with TJ, which is always enjoyable, and hear about her new job and the script she's been pitching. Perhaps next year I will come out of semi-retirement and compete. But for now, I'm happy to let other people win. ;-)

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