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Well, That Was A Waste (Almost)

After a warm walk and enjoyable dinner at the home of sanguinity and grrlpup Friday evening, I looked forward to a busy and productive weekend. I shuttled drawenchicken, BILJ and Hz to the airport early Saturday morning (we left the house at 6:25) and returned home for breakfast and and some webcomicry. But when I started working, I realized that my brain-fogged state was not diminishing (I felt the way one does after watching a bit too much of "Blair Witch Project," where the camera movement leaves one feeling headachy and not-quite queasy, but definitely unsettled, as if the best thing to do is sit quiety for a while with one's eyes closed). So I thought I'd muck about until I felt better, and then try again to work. But it didn't get better. I spent the weekend alternating between trying to sleep, watching TV and making brief forays into Productivity. I did manage to finish Monday's comic, so that's something, but my head is Still Not Right. I'm going to go lie down again.

Yes, it could be much worse, but I'm still displeased.
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