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Just A Quick Quiz

I really should be finishing the script for tomorrow's comic so I can assemble it and not spend ALL DAY JUST DOING THAT. So for now, here's another Stale Post:

Alt Friday Five, Feb 29, 2008:

1. Do you have any nicknames, handles, or other names that you or others use to refer to you on a regular basis?


2. Did you adopt it/them, or did someone else or a group give it/them to you?


3. Is it okay for anyone to use it/them, or is it a mark of intimacy/familiarity for someone to be allowed to use it/them?

No. People may call me ‘Evan’ or ‘Mr. Nichols.’ If they want to be formal: ‘Your Majesty.’

4. Do you tend to make up nicknames for your friends and/or partners?

Oh, god yes.

5. Do you use those nicknames you make up in day-to-day conversation, or only when referring to the person in the third person?

Well, most of my friends and family don’t even know about their nicknames, but I believe Miss FluffyPuffyFlowerTheramin and Mr. PookaPookaHullabaloo suspect.
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