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Change... Change... Change... Change of Fools...

If you read yesterday's post, you're caught up on what's happening in my life. So here's another Old Friday Five Post:

Friday Five (From April 11, 2008):


1. If you had the ability to legally change your name, would you? To what?

If? I am an adult in a Free Country, so I DO have the ability to legally change my name. In fact, I have legally changed it TWICE. And that’s probably plenty for me. Honestly, it’s kind of a pain to have to notify all the organizations with which I have accounts, sending proof of legal name change and all. Plus, I’m quite happy with my moniker, and I’m trying to build name recognition, so changing it seems counter-productive.

2. What do you with change that you receive from banks/purchases/find on the ground?

I put it in my "OPB Fund," which is a jar where I put all my change, and when it's full, I cash it in at the bank with the coin machine, and then buy lottery tickets. Come to think of it, none of that money goes to OPB, so perhaps the name is a bit misleading.

3. If you could travel back in time to change the course of one historical event, what event would it be?

I try to avoid the common answers, like preventing the Holocaust by keeping Archduke Ferdinand from being assassinated (you know your History, right?) or stopping one of the significant American assassinations, like Lincoln, Kennedy, Kennedy, King or Presley. I think I could do the most good by going to 1791 and changing James Madison's draft of the Bill of Rights to clarify the division between Church and State, prevent corporate personhood, specify worker's rights, and be clearer about equal rights regardless of race and gender. I'd also clean up the flowery language so the intentions of each amendment were far clearer. My well-intentioned modifications could backfire, but if they worked, they could make our Life in the Future much better.

4. Would you rather live a safe, stable, moderately interesting life or one where every day was dangerous, volatile, and different?

Seriously? Let’s see, I’m an IT Professional, and not a Secret Agent. Seems pretty obvious how I’d answer that.

5. What do you think you'll be remembered for when you die and, if you could, would you change it to something else?

I’d hope that foremost would be my creative works, but if possible, I’d like to be remembered as a benevolent ruler, one whose Staff of Justice smote all those who where rude, inconsiderate or selfish. But I’ll probably be remembered as being Mostly Harmless.

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