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I'm Back Online!

When I moved, I went almost TEN DAYS without Internet connectivity! You're right; it was horrible. I was forced to scrounge Internet time where I could; checking my email at work or at drarwenchicken's place once their connection went live. I've grown so accustomed to having access 24/7 (not that I'm ever online at 3:00 a.m., but I COULD be if I wanted to) that I'm more likely to use the Internet instead of a dictionary, newspaper movie listings, or telephone. I'd find myself heading for the computer to look something up, but to no avail. Unfortunately, yesterday's installation put a Comcast tech crawling through the attic space of the apartment building on the hottest day of the year (a record-breaking 103), but if the Customer Service people had LISTENED during my first call when I explained that there was no wall outlet in the apartment, they might have scheduled the work in the prior week, when temperatures were merely in the 80's.

Although I'm now reconnected, I'm a bit behind. The nice thing about moving is that when I send out an email announcing my new address info, I get back a bunch of messages from people that I don't hear from very often. The drawback is that it takes me a while to respond to everyone, so if you've sent me something and haven't gotten a response back, don't despair! Of course, I may wait to write until I have more to report than hauling boxes, unpacking, and rearranging furniture, which feels like all I've done for the last ten days.
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