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Discardia, and unveiling the Virtual Garage Sale!

Recently, The Librarian mentioned Discardia, a new but real-sounding celebration of clearing out things that one no longer needs. Since I'm a joiner, I decide to participate by clearing away stuff during the three-day weekend. It was quite freeing. Some things went to the trash, some I kept, and a whole bunch went into the recycling (old papers, mostly). It felt really good to empty boxes, even though there's a bunch of their friends still waiting.

The other thing that pleased me greatly was finally launching my Virtual Garage Sale! It's part of my multi-prong attack on the Collection of Unnecessary Items that I've been lugging about from move to move. Some items will go up on eBay (high value and easy to ship) Others will end up on Craig's List (valuable, but not so easy to ship). Things which don't have enough value to try to sell will go to Goodwill or Freecycle. But in all those categories, there are items which I'd like to offer to my friends first. So I've started the Virtual Garage Sale, where you get first look. There's only three items up right now, but I hope to post some more each week. Things will roll off after a while, and go to one of the above-mentioned outlets (that's the plan, anyway).

If you think you'll check in on the Virtual Garage Sale now and then, bookmark the page. I'm not putting a link to it from the rest of my website, nor putting it on the site map. So the way to get there will be from these LJ posts. Even if you don't think you'll buy anything, aren't you a little curious about the stuff I'll be putting out there?

Click Here To Go To The Virtual Garage Sale!
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