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Awesome Day

First of all, I had the day off from BHFT. Yes, we get Good Friday as a holiday. I didn't ask why, I just accepted it. So I spent the morning assembling Monday's comic, then went for an adjustment at the chiropractor. I emerged from that well-adjusted,* but quite hungry. The plan was to meet up with sanguinity and grrlpup for lunch if I was done in time, but they were already eating (and would have been done long before I drove from Lake Oswego),so I went home for lunch.

But then, thus fortified, sanguinity and I decided to have our Friday walk in the early afternoon, because we could. So we took L for a couple loops around the park, talked about a whole bunch of stuff, and enjoyed the cool but very pleasant Spring day. (In case you're wondering, Wednesday is "Anything Can Happen Day," and Friday is "Talent Round-Up Day." I've always thought those should be swapped, and Wednesday changed to "Double Treat Day." Perhaps that's just me.)

Then, I probably should have let Sanguinity have a nap, but I hung around until grrlpup was done with work, and met us at Mt. Tabor park, for another walk. I got chosen leader, and I managed to navigate us around the park and back to the car and nobody was eaten by Wild Animals, so we'll call it a success. We couldn't help noticed that we were hungry, and I suggested Birthday Sushi for Sanguinity**. They took me up on that, and we had miso soup and two big plates of sushi. They say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy sushi, and sushi makes you happy.

I suggested we should all blog about this, but I don't know if they will. But I knew I had to, because the moon was rising as I drove home, and it was stunningly beautiful. And I thought, "What's the only thing that could make this day even better? Pre-cooked Bacon, of course!"*** So I stopped at the grocery store to buy some (which I'll actually eat for breakfast, but you know how it is).

In short, it was a great day. With bacon.

*HA! That's my favorite chiropractic joke! Even better than the one where two chiropractors walk into a bar and develop subluxations at C6 from the impact.

** I know, it's not her birthday yet, but it will be soon, and as she pointed out, she might be able to swing two Birthday Sushi dinners, so it's all good.

*** Actually, there are several things that would have made the day better, but we'll all enjoy this more if you play along.
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