April 30th, 2013


Tonight, I Am Unemployed

Today I submitted my final timecard to the Consulting Company.

Tomorrow I will go to my new job, which is in the same building, at same desk. On the same project.  After several inquiries, much discussion and a grueling application/interview/offer/confirmation process, I have converted to being an employee of my erstwhile client, Big Happy Fun Time.*

I feel a bit weird becoming a regular employee again, after 25 years of being a consultant.  I suppose I shall find other ways to feel smugly superior.

So, tomorrow I will be The New Guy, but tonight I will live the Life of Wild Abandon enjoyed by People Between Jobs!  I will play some online Boggle and STAY UP UNTIL 9:00!  WOOHOO!

* Yes, I believe I will continue to use the nom de cacher for BHFT, based on contractual agreement with the Consulting company that LASTS FOREVER.  Plus, I like referring to my place of work as BHFT.
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