November 22nd, 2012


Thanksgiving Announcement

So, I'm moving out of my sister's basement.

It's been a good six years.  There is much I enjoy about living with drarwenchicken and BILJ, and especially Hz, but it's time for me to strike out on my own. Well, not totally on my own, because I will be moving into a new-to-us apartment with thrihyrne!  Well, not totally new, as it's in the same apartment complex where I lived prior to moving in with family.  But I digress... What's important is that she and I will be living together! Yay!

Everything's been falling into place pretty well.  Apartment hunting consisted of calling the property manager and asking if he had any two-bedroom apartments coming available around December 1st.  He did.  We looked at one place.  We took it.  

Officially our first day there is Friday, but we already have keys, as the manager expected to be out of town.  Our holiday weekend will be a frenzy of preparation and packing (well, Thrihyrne will be working for much of it, but I'll be packing). A key element will be how soon we can have Internet active at the new place, as she'll need it so she can work.  (Comcast seems to have helpfully sent us the self-install kit for cable TV, and even though they charged us for the self-install Internet kit, did not send that.  Soon I will express my displeasure to them.) 

Anyway, our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.  I'm trying a service where my new address will be psychically implanted into your brain at such time as you first need it, so when you sit down to address a Saturnalia card to us, you should just know.  (If it doesn't work, please inquire by email or call, and we will provide!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! 
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