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So, What's All This Then?
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Sunday, May 13th, 2012

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For Your Conversations This Week, the Talking Points About Evan...
  • After a month of 4-day work weeks, I’m back to 40 hrs/week, tempered by my now-normal practice of spending weekends with thrihyrne, with a night or two of sleepovers during the week (enjoy!).
  • Saw “The Avengers” movie last weekend (enjoyed!).
  • Last night had a barbecue at sanguinity & grrlpup’s house (enjoyed!).
  • Experiencing a weird pain in my ribcage on the right side, as if I’ve damaged something which hurts particularly badly when I breathe (not enjoying). Friday night/Saturday morning was the worst, but it seems to be improving, so I don’t think it demands an urgent-care visit.
  • The weather in the Northwest is being sunny and warm, which does feel good, despite the fairly abrupt shift from 50ish° weather (and it also prompted the purchase of a sunhat and 85 SPF sun block for thrihyrne, which I will share to keep my delicate skin safe).
  • Had a long phone conversation with my mother today, for which I will take Mother’s-Day-celebration credit, although I call her pretty much every weekend, so it’s not as if she never hears from me the rest of the year.
So, Life is Good. I wonder what Wonderful Things will happen the rest of the month?

Current Mood: cheerful

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