March 2nd, 2012


This Week's Reason Why I'm Not Posting

I wanted to tell you about my current frustration in searching for a list I lovingly assembled over the course of a couple hours several weeks back, which now I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE (OHMYGODWHYCAN’TIKEEPTRACKOFANYTHINGFORMORETHANTWENTYSECONDSYOU’DTHINKIWASATODDLERORSOMETHING!!), and the series of miscommunications and mistakes I’ve made at BHFT* recently which have caused my coworkers and Project Manager stress (I specifically strive to make my the work life of my supervisors LESS stressful, so this has been particularly distressing for everyone) and the Oscar’s party I attended, and the kick-off of my 50th Birthday Celebration which will probably span all year, but instead I’m going to just cover the current reason why I’m not showing up on the Internet:  I’m taking nearing a week off from work and spending almost all of that time with thrihyrne.  We’re in the giddy-bliss stage and I want to spend as much time in her company as I can now to revel in the euphoric delight it brings.  So sorry, Internet, I’m off thinking about other things.  Please carry on, and I’ll check back in later!

*Yes, I do make mistakes in my Professional Life.   I’m only human (for now, at least; one day I’ll implant my consciousness into an invincible robot body).

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