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So, What's All This Then?
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Saturday, November 12th, 2011

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Let Me Sum Up...
NaHoOrgMo, Day 9 - 11: 0.00 hrs. Total: 15.00 hrs. Pace: 22.0 hrs.

For the first time, I accidentally leaked news of an upcoming project via social media and the Internet erupted in rumors*. So to make the announcement official: I met on Thursday with a developer to discuss an iPad app for Ask Dr. Eldritch. We're still in early stages, so no comment on content or release date. It could be like the podcasts and the low-orbit space station/theme park, and be "in development" for years.

This week included breakfast with oh_that_jocelyn, two chiropractor appointments, grocery shopping and a bit of dishwashing, but my NaHoOrgMo experience has pretty much gone off the rails. Looks like I'll have to clean/organize for 11 hours each day over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to get my 60 hours.

*For values of "erupted" being "at least one tweet."

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