November 5th, 2011

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Work, Adjustment, Walk, Drop

NaHoOrgMo, Day 4: 0.75 hrs. Total: 3.50 hrs. Pace: 8.0 hrs.

Most of today's progress happened while waiting for my chiropractor appointment, so that's good, but if she hadn't been running so far behind, I wouldn't have gotten home so late after my walk with sanguinity and grrlpup, and might have gotten more done. Of course I was feeling post-adjustment achy, so maybe I wouldn't have had the strength for more.

I have hopes of lots of progress over the weekend. I always have hopes.
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

But It's A Damp Kind of Tired

NaHoOrgMo, Day 5: 7.50 hrs. Total: 11.00 hrs. Pace: 10.0 hrs.

Cleared everything that wasn't a computer off my desk. Two boxes: Office Supplies and Everything Else. Things I use will go back on my desk. The rest get stored elsewhere.

Worked 5 hours in the shed. By the end of the day, the footprint of the stacks hadn't changed much. But now lots of stuff is marked for removal: Goodwill, recycling, shredding, give away. My Personal Assistant will handle that part, and then there will be much clear space! That will be good.

Feeling a bit worn out from all the standing and lifting (which was probably not a great idea after yesterday's chiropractic adjustment, but this was my window of opportunity). Will work some more tomorrow, to get farther ahead, but not as much as today.

Anybody want a whole bunch of phone cords? I have about a shoebox full, and now that I'm cellular, I have no use for them. Let me know; comment or email!