November 1st, 2011

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And So It Begins...

NaHoOrgMo Day 1: 1.25 hrs. Total: 1.25 hrs. Pace: 2.0 hrs.

Listened to an hour-long podcast while washing dishes and taking out the recycling. Not exactly glamorous tasks, but they needed to be done so I can get down to the more interesting work, like putting together the tracking spreadsheet for my time over the next 30 days. That put me to my 1.25.

I aim to put in 60 hours this month (a goal chosen because it's a nice, round 2 hours/day, plus it's about the amount of time I'd take to write 50K words). My hope is that by December 1st, my home is tidy and organized. What exactly that means may morph as we progress, but I'm sure I'll go on about it.