October 10th, 2011


Weekend, Part II.

Sunday I packed books for shipping, and it took ALL DAY.

I realize that from that statement, you might imagine me starting the day with huge stacks of books, Zombie Danger Kits, postcards and mailing envelopes, and at the end of the day, all that remains is one mammoth pile of stamped and addressed packages, ready for the Postal Carrier. Please, do not.

No, I rummaged around in my files looking for my order-tracking spreadsheet. Couldn't find it. Decided to build a new one. Added a worksheet that automatically formats a packing slip. Printed them up. Realized that I needed mailing labels. Reformatted to print packing slip and label both on one page (reducing the chances of putting the wrong label on a sealed envelope). Looked for mailing supplies. Couldn't find envelopes. Went for a walk with Hz and drarwen (not part of the process, but it took a bunch of time). Looked some more. Wondered if I had to go to the store. Found them. Did some laundry. Sat down to sign books, and realized I needed to eat...

Well, you see how this was going. By the end of the day I did have a small stack of books ready to ship. AND I have a really cool order-processing spreadsheet with automatic color coding! So even if it took all day to get there, at least I made good progress.

So then I decided to mail them on Monday...
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