September 19th, 2011


Arrr, It's Thar Post-Weekend Report, Mateys!

I should tell you about Saturday's Portland Creative Conference and Sunday's Race for the Cure Benefit Brunch at TJ's, or even the saga of finding random underlining of blank spaces in the proof copy of "Why Does My Monster Hate Me?", but I seem to be far more interested in explaining how I got the long scratch on the side of my face. I was telling grrlpup and sanguinity that a bear got into the house (probably looking for a place to hibernate) and I was fighting with the bear and it scratched me, but sanguinity started giving me that look that says she's not even trying to believe me (it's possible that Future Generations will know me as "That Guy Who Cried "Bear!", a cautionary tale where a lifetime of bear warnings is followed by an actual attack, but my desperate cries for help are met by my friends saying "Ha ha! That Evan! Always going on about bears!" and they turn up the TV to cover up all that annoying yelling).

Anyway, it could be due to a tiny crack in the mesh of my electric razor which left a very sharp spur sticking up, or it could be for "International Talk Like A Pirate Day." Perhaps we'll let Future Generations decide...
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