July 31st, 2011


A Week In Review

Perhaps this journal should be called "A Catalog of the Various Ways I Don't Feel Well." That's what it seems like sometimes. What with LJ having access problems and, well, the following events to be described, I haven't posted all week. Here's the Quick Catch Up:

Spent last Friday and Saturday (that's July 22/23) having a great time at GEAR Con, which I've been trying to actually finish a post about. Sunday I felt tired, queasy and delicate, but managed to last until mid-afternoon. Went home and slept.

Felt tired and recoveringish on Monday, but still had the strength to go help bookherd do a bit of painting before she heads off on Great Adventure.

Returned to work on Tuesday, and didn't start feeling a scratchy throat until afternoon. It inevitably resolved itself into a cold. I fortified myself and went to BHFT. We upgraded the application to a new release, and it did not go well. And my cohort on the support team was out of the office Friday, so I spent Wednesday through Friday at work with a stultifying cold. At the end of each day I'd drive home and go to bed. A few hours later I'd get up and eat dinner, then go back to bed. Then the next morning, I'd do it again. Yes, it was as sucky as it sounds.

Finally, FINALLY reached the weekend, and slept in. About midday I ambled over to bookherd's place, and helped with the close-to last of the pre-moving tasks. I intended to only be there an hour or two, but there was much more to do, and I didn't want to leave before things were done, but I was overtired and spacey. So after about five hours, I left.

Still tired today. Slept in, walked to the coffeeshop with drarwenchicken and Hz, then had a nap. I feel like I'll never be not tired again. I know; I've been through this before when recovering from illness, but maybe it's really going to happen this time.

So, sometime soon I'll talk more about the FUN parts of Being Evan... like how I just licensed Country Living Magazine to use this photo from Lone Fir Cemetary in their October issue. And how I had my first comic submission to the Chainsaw Comics 10-Year Anthology accepted, so I submitted another. And I'm sure there's other stuff, which I'll think of when I'm not as tired...
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