May 30th, 2011

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4 Days Without BHFT – Day 4

I thought the irritation in my throat merely due to an apparent attempt to inhale some cookie crumbs rather than swallowing them (at what point do we stop doing that?), so I went to Dude Night, which was low-turnout but still entertaining. But the Cold set in overnight, and somewhere around 2:00am (or 1:37 Canadian), I knew that I was sick. Smurf.

So, Days 2 – 4 were spent in bed. Sometimes I was feverish. Sometimes coughing. Pretty much always sniffling. Occasionally all three at once. You have evidence that we live in a Just and Caring Universe? I submit my weekend as counterargument. Granted, it's not the most egregious miscarriage of justice, but what did I do to deserve it?

Fortunately, I actually like lying around watching TV, which was about all I had strength for when I wasn't sleeping. Here's a recap of much of my viewing:

NextCollapse )

Run, Fat Boy, RunCollapse )

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!Collapse )

PonyoCollapse )

SaltCollapse )

Four LionsCollapse )

From Paris With LoveCollapse )

A Town Called PanicCollapse )

You Kill MeCollapse )
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